Six-Year-Old Girl Comes to the Rescue of Trapped Ducklings

Laguna Niguel, CA – Eight ducklings separated from their mom and dad after falling down a narrow drainage pipe found their hero in a brave 6-year-old Laguna Niguel girl who came to the rescue of the fowl family.

Mia and her mother, Skye Rabii, were in Laguna Hills Saturday afternoon when they were flagged down by another family, who had come upon the mother duck with just one lone duckling. The father was nearby.

The family had located the other ducklings down a narrow pipe, but no one had arms small enough to reach down and pull them out.

Mia said “I can do it,” her mom said, and reached down the pipe all the way to her shoulders and pulled out the eight ducklings one by one, reuniting them with their anxious mother.
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Mia, who is going to be Student of the Week at school this week, wants to be a veterinarian.

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