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Adventures at Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel

It’s the time of the year when we get more sunshine and beautiful weather. So, what are your plans guys? Are you thinking of visiting Orange County and spend a pleasant day outdoors? There’s a hidden gem in Laguna Niguel where everyone can have a good adventure time may it be on land or air.

Have you ever heard of Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel? This public park overlooks the intersection between Alicia Parkway and Aliso Creek Street in Laguna Niguel. The site is named after a Kite Bird that hovers over a vast land looking for its prey.  

So, what fun adventures can you and your family have in Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel?

You can say that its name sounds similar to something ‘flying,’ and people come here for a fun outdoor activity. Aviation buffs come to fly planes, gliders, and drones while others enjoy a good hike or climb here.  Some of the coolest planes flown in this park are Boeing­Stearman Model 75, Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a Kinetic 130DP glider.

Aviation enthusiasts and flying groups used to be the only people who would climb up a steep dirt road. You also couldn’t make it to the hilltop without a four­wheel drive. Fortunately, this favorite flying venue was improved over the years, and paved access was introduced. It also has a small runway for plane takeoffs and landings. Gliders and park fliers can also be flown in the airspace with green markings above the road.

There’s a 10 – 15 degrees slope on all three sides of the hill which can be interesting. You can take the path downhill and walk or climb back up to great hiking or rock climbing adventure.

For everyone who wants to experience fun flying adventures at Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel, there are few reminders to know when you come here:

  • The runway has an unusual position, so parking is on either side of the runway.
  • Keep the areas clear of any obstruction especially garbage.
  • It’s necessary to equip your plane or glider with flaps and or split flaps and wheel brakes.
  • Operate your flying devices in minimal power for an additional drag.

So, are you up for an aviation adventure at Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel? Put on your pilot hat, grab your plane, buckle your seatbelts, and head off to Kite Hill Park in Laguna Niguel.

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