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Best Mexican Food in Laguna Niguel

When trying to pick a favorite Mexican food, you might be thinking about those good old tacos and casual burritos. Mexican menu is more than your usual chips and salsa paired with your go-to margaritas. Find restaurants that serve exotic choices, day and night.

Just like San Capistrano, Laguna Hills and other neighboring cities that don’t boast fantastic beach view, Laguna Niguel attracts tourists with its top local restaurants. This 2019, experience your next favorite authentic Mexican food in Laguna Niguel from the list below:


The history of Chilaquiles started with crisped tortilla strips tossed in either a red or green sauce. Rather than just throwing out stale corn tortillas, they’re fried and mixed into a casserole. With a sprinkle of queso fresco and crema on the plate and some runny egg, it’s enough to fill you up.

Plumeria Cafe by Stacks

23811 Aliso Creek Rd
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

Operating hours:
Sunday- Saturday: 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

Plumeria in Laguna Niguel serves fresh Chilaquiles everyday. Grab lunch here, and you’ll know why this place is one of the south county Mexican restaurant you can find. You can order the Island Chilaquiles.

Enjoy tortilla chips sautéed with roasted kalua pork and house-made chipotle ranchero sauce, served with two eggs, steamed rice & refried beans, and topped with cheddar jack cheese & sour cream. Plumeria is open for brunch all days of the week.

Tacos Al Pastor

Taco fans out there might have tasted its every flavor available. But Tacos Al Pastor tops the most popular varieties of tacos. Its origin dates back to the 1920s and 30s. All thanks to the arrival of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, you can now taste this cuisine that means ‘‘in the style of the shepherd.’

It has thin strips of pork that are sliced off a spit and placed on a corn tortilla. They best come with onions, coriander leaves, and pineapple.

Chronic Tacos

28241 Crown Valley Parkway,
Suite C,
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Phone. 949-273-3184

Operating hours:
Sunday- Saturday:8:30am–9pm

At Chronic Tacos, you’ll find the better choice of Tacos al pastor in Orange County. You will enjoy it at a reasonable price. This restaurant prepares Al Pastor by dicing pork shoulder and marinating it in spicy adobo sauce for 24 hours.

Other unique ingredients are then added to get that great original Mexican flavor you crave. Check out why this restaurant is one of the best in town by dropping by any day of the week.


Mexican Mole comes from the southern region of Mexico. Heavy Amerindian influence is echoed here as chocolate is used in both sweet and savory dishes. The mole contains a mixture of nuts, chiles, seeds, and vegetables.

Sometimes, you can also taste unsweetened chocolate, tomatoes, and raisins. This recipe is so well known that some people call it as chocolate sauce.

Las Golondrinas

27981 Greenfield Dr suite G, Laguna Niguel, California 92677, USA
Phone: +1 949-362-1913

Operating hours:
Sunday: 7:30am–6pm
Monday: 7:30am–7pm
Tuesday: 7:30am–8pm
Wednesday- Thursday: 7:30am–7pm
Friday- Saturday: 7:30am–8pm

In Laguna Niguel, you can taste delicious mole from Las Golondrinas. This restaurant serves Mole Burrito chicken mole. It’s chicken breast in a thick semi-sweet sauce, and it’s best enjoyed it with rice.

Stop by and see more of the best Mexican food you can find in Capistrano Valley. You can find Las Golondrinas in their locations at Mission Viejo, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano.

Tacos and Burritos

Chelas Mexican

29975 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, California 92677, USA
Phone: +1 949-542-4606

Operating hours:
Sunday: 8am–9pm
Monday- Friday: 10:30am–9pm
Saturday: 8am–9pm

Tacos might need no further intro, but Laguna Niguel’s taco choices might do. Chelas Mexican serves Rib Eye Tacos and fans can’t seem to get enough of it.

This Mexican specialty has your usual queso fresco, chipotle cream sauce, and pickled red onions. It also has Fresno Chiles and Mexican lime slaw. What makes it special is its shaved rib eye steak.

You can also get your Burritos with Double Flour Tortillas here too. Also known as‘Big Dave Burrito,’ this burrito is packed with your choice of meat, beans, salsa. It also comes with cheese, rice, tomato, cilantro.


Tamales started with Aztec and Mayan tribes. It was the perfect to-go food to take into battle. They can enjoy pockets of corn dough that are stuffed with either a savory or filling.

Wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves, these are steamed to perfection. Today, you can enjoy Tamales with various filling choices. From meats to fruits, from vegetables to cheeses, the choice is yours.

El Cortez Bar and Grill

28971 Golden Lantern A101, Laguna Niguel, California 92677, USA
Phone: +1 949-495-4808

Operating hours:
Sunday: 9 am–9 pm
Monday- Thursday: 10:30 am–9 pm
Friday: 10:30am–10pm
Saturday: 10:30am–9pm

El Cortez Bar and Grill is known to serve the best Tamales in Laguna Niguel. Smothered in sauce, topped with cheese and lettuce, you can enjoy it with soup and salad of your choice.

Other meals you’ve got to try in this Mexican grill includes their all-time favorite breakfast meals like Huevos a la Mexica and Torta de Huevo con Queso. Drop by at this Mexican restaurant now and enjoy their dishes paired with fast and reliable customer service.

Chiles Rellenos

For fans of hot Mexican food, you have to try Chiles Rellenos. Made with poblano chiles stuffed with Oaxacan-style string cheese, you can savor every delicate spice with every bite.

Mollies Country Kitchen

27932 La Paz Rd
Ste M
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
United States
Phone number +1-949-643-9174

Operating hours:
Sunday: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
Monday- Saturday: 6:00 am – 8:30 pm

Have Chiles Rellenos at Mollie’s Country Kitchen in Laguna Niguel. Taste deliciously creamy beans perfect with their Chile verde enchilada. Prices here are also reasonably on point. Please feel free to check out Mollie’s in your next hunt for the best tasting Mexican dishes in town.

Churros and Flan

Avila’s El Ranchito

27941 La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA
Phone: +1 949-349-9100

Operating hours:
Sunday- Thursday: 11am- 9:30pm

Friday: 11am- 10pm
Saturday: 11am- 10pm

What’s a quick Mexican food trip at Laguna Niguel without tasting its sweet delights. At Avila’s El Ranchito, their churros and flans are blockbuster hits as desserts.

Churros are cinnamon-sugar covered pastry sticks. They come with sugar fillings and best served with vanilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, it’s the definition of tempting.

Up your sweet game with Avila’s flan. Make way for this caramel custard covered in sweet syrup. Coming in perfectly with whipped cream, it’s perfect to finish off your Mexican food cravings.

You can also taste these Mexican dishes at Lake Forest. Laguna Beach. For catering and reservations, feel free to contact Avila’s.

Bring your family to places that offer the best Mexican food in Laguna Niguel. As the community offers new and better things to enjoy, you’ll never run out of good dining hubs to visit.

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