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Best Thanksgiving Pies to Make in Laguna Niguel

It’s hard to picture a traditional Thanksgiving meal not ending with pie. A good slice with a good cup of coffee is the sign of a happy ending to a happy gathering. But what is the best Thanksgiving pie? Is it pumpkin? Apple perhaps? Or maybe you like something chunky and go for pecan? Whatever your preference may be, I’m sure this coming Thanksgiving Day your homes will smell of freshly baked pie to make the holiday even more special.

In this article, we’ll feature some of the best Thanksgiving pies in Laguna Niguel. We have some classic favorites and a few improvised recipes. Ready yourself to make some dough for a golden brown pie crust and good fillings!



Pumpkin Pie

Some say that Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without the classic pumpkin pie. I can hardly agree. With all the revisions of the traditional favorite, what makes a pumpkin pie classic? It’s having a pumpkin custard that is sweetened and lightly spiced, baked until creamy but sliceable in a crisp pie crust. There are a few classic Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe you can find on the web.


Image of Double-Crust Apple Pie

Double-Crust Apple Pie

Another favorite pie in Laguna Niguel during Thanksgiving is apple pie. Imagine how piles of caramelized apples with golden brown crust fill your soul in such a happy day. To make a good apple pie, the key is choosing the right apples. You may have a recipe from your ancestors, or you can find one on the web!


Image of Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie in Laguna Niguel

Another classic pie that surely Laguna Niguel locals love is pecan pie! Having this sweet and decadent pie for your whole family to feast is one of the highlights of your Thanksgiving Day.


Image of S'mores Pie

S’mores Pie in

Who doesn’t love smores since they were a child? So what’s stopping you from making smores pie for Thanksgiving? In Laguna Niguel, you can find all the ingredients in this mouthwatering pie. Kids and even kids at heart will surely love this! It’s considered as one of the best Thanksgiving pies in Laguna Niguel.


Image of Cranberry Pear Hand Pie

Cranberry Pear Hand Pie in Laguna Niguel

Hand pies are such special treats for Thanksgiving that you shouldn’t forget, especially pear-cranberry hand pies! Serve them during the Turkey Day and your family will end the holiday with smiles on their faces. The great thing about this dessert is that your guests can grab one without staying too long in the table.

No matter what kind of pie you chose to serve on Thanksgiving Day in Laguna Niguel, as long as it’s made with love, it will surely be the best. Serve your best pies on this special holiday and spend it with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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