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Famous People in Laguna Niguel

Famous People in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel isn’t only about panoramic views and peaceful neighborhoods. Famous people reside in this beautiful city in Orange County. Most musically-inclined celebrities can be found here.

Even famous people from other states visit here because of its awesomeness and elegance.

Here are some of the famous people in Laguna Niguel:

Cady McClainActress, singer, and author who was raised in this city. Her acting career started when she was 9. She was featured in various TV commercials.
Erik AppleA former mixed martial arts fighter from Laguna Niguel. He's also a professional bodyboarder, a BMX rider, and a host of some sports TV shows.
Frank Lawrence 'Lefty' RosenthalWas a professional game better, a former executive of a casino, and was associated with organized crime syndicates. He moved to Laguna Niguel and focused raising his children. Later, he ran a sports betting website and became a consultant for some sports betting companies.
Gavyn BaileyA singer-songwriter and producer. He was born with kidney failure but surpassed it after his successful kidney transplant on Easter Sunday of 2001. He's also an ambassador for the Children's Hospital of Orange County's Mental Health Initiative.
Joseph Michael 'Joey' RichterIs a singer-actor and an internet personality who sang with StarKid Productions. He was born in Laguna Niguel and grew up in Southern California. Richter became famous when he impersonated Ron Weasley in 'A Very Potter Musical' and two other Harry Potter parodies.
McKayla Rose MaroneyA retired, multiple gold-medal awarded artistic gymnast. Her 'not impressed' expression during the 2012 London Olympics became a viral internet meme.
Marian Elaine 'Mimi' WaltersA member of the Republican Party. She's the U.S. Representative for the 45th congressional district of California. Walters was a financial executive before she became a politician. In 1996, she joined the city council of Laguna Niguel.
Patricia Carmody 'Pat' BatesWas the first mayor of Laguna Niguel, California after its incorporation in 1989. After her term, she continued to do public service on the city council until 1998.
Rachel WoodIt was in Iceland when she started playing professional soccer. In 2014, she became the midfielder and later the center back player for the Boston Breakers.

Other internet personalities are from Laguna Niguel. Two of the known social media stars are from this city.
Reilly SmallShe's another internet personality who first rose to fame on Instagram. Small was born in Laguna Niguel but later moved to Carmel. She has a large following on her other social media accounts - YouTube and Twitter.
Stephanie MichelleLooking at her, you can tell that she's into anime. She's a cosplayer and an Instagram sensation with almost 200,000 followers on her account.

These are some of the famous people in Laguna Niguel. Who knows, one of these days you might bump into one of these personalities.

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