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Ideas to Help You Plan the Best Valentine’s Day 2019 Date in Laguna Niguel

Valentine’s day – the sweetest and most romantic day of the year is about to come. It’s during this time when most people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Love is in the air as we see the town brimming with romantic gift ideas, heart-warming melodies, and people painting the town red. One can daydream about this fast-approaching event.

So, what are your plans? You’d probably be overwhelmed looking at a long list of romantic ideas. You can be a Jack for your Rose or a Clark for your Lois.

There are many ways to bring this enchanting moment to life. Laguna Niguel offers a myriad of ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s day. We’ve curated a few smart ideas to help you plan the best Valentine’s Day 2019 date in Laguna Niguel.

Plan a romantic surprise

Valentine’s day may fall on a weekday, but this doesn’t hinder you from putting your romantic side away. Sometimes the best way to demonstrate your love to your partner is by doing things the simplest way.

So, how do you do it? Look around your house and plan how it’ll look romantic. Pick beautiful flowers and put them in vases if you have a bloomed garden. Perhaps, decorate your home with dim lights and candles everywhere.

Just make sure you’re not going to toast yourselves inside the house! Cook a hearty dinner for two. Write a love letter or a sweet note expressing your love to your partner. One wise thing to do is surprise her with a bouquet at the doorstep. Sure, she’ll stretch her smile to her ears.

Pamper and relax

You guys may want to pamper those tired and aching muscles after a long day’s work. Treat yourselves to a massage or beauty spa clinic at Laguna Niguel. The Relax Body And Mind Spa offers budget-friendly spa sessions for couples. Take advantage of their VIP offers and gift certificates for affordable and worthwhile spa sessions. These offers can help you with your costs the next time you guys pay a visit.

Image of to Couple in Sleeping

If you want to experience an Asian spa and massage session, try going to Thai Body Works. They offer different massage techniques, such as Swedish, Fusion, Herbal, and their signature, Thai massage. You can choose a relaxing and rejuvenating session for 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The hardworking legs also deserve to be pampered! You can have a 60-minute foot scrub and reflexology at an affordable price at Thai Body Works. Well, after a long working day, you both deserve the best spa time!

Date with nature

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be with your significant other around nature?

For couples who love nature and outdoor activities, Laguna Niguel offers fun reasons for an adventurous Valentine’s Day celebration. You can go fishing at the Laguna Niguel Lake. The lake stocks trout, bass, catfish, and bluegill.

It’s open to the public, and you don’t need to pay to fish. However, there’s a $3 entrance per person on weekdays. You guys can have a fun fishing activity while celebrating Valentine’s day.

Happy outdoor couple

Date with nature in Laguna Niguel

If you opt to enjoy the scenic views of Laguna Niguel, you can spend the special day at these awe-inspiring places.

The Sulphur Creek Reservoir Loop offers wonderful scenery around the Laguna Niguel Lake. While most people walk here to find the perfect lakeside fishing spot, others enjoy walking around this place as an afterthought. Spending time here is like hitting two birds in one stone – decompressing after a long day at work and having a beautiful Valentine’s celebration with nature.

Laguna Niguel also boasts the Niguel Botanical Preserve, a beautiful and tranquil garden with lots of stunning views of nature. This place offers an opportunity to get away from paved roads and concrete. You can also take selfies and candid photos while you’re here. Are you planning to propose to your partner? This place can be the perfect spot.

Hearty dinner date

As they say, the stomach is the way to everyone’s heart and who doesn’t agree to that?

Since Valentine’s day falls on a weekday, you may not have enough time to prepare for a nice dinner for two. Or you may not have the cooking skill like those chefs at any cooking show. But you can go to a fancy restaurant on this special day.

Image of a Couple Dinner Date

Hearty dinner date in Laguna Niguel

What’s more romantic than an Italian dinner along with a fun conversation? Sambuca Bistro at Laguna Niguel is a fancy restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. Find this cozy restaurant in a small strip center off Niguel Rd and Clubhouse. They’re usually open at 4:00 pm, which is an excellent go-to place after work. You can choose in a variety of sandwiches, pasta, and seafood fares at affordable prices. Their liquor, beer and drinks selection is perfect for every menu. Their Black Linguine with Lobster and Shrimp is a must-try!

Enjoy a fun yet romantic nightlife

When was the last time you had an amazing night out? Sometimes, the best dating venues are places that offer fun parties and drinks sessions. On Valentine’s day, Laguna Niguel has plenty of nightlife for you both.

Live music, pool tables, a jukebox and a good selection of craft beers and wines – that sounds fun, right? The Karman Bar offers these facilities for a fun and lively celebration. If you’re up for sports and games, the Signature Sports Bar offers you many options. Happy hours begin at 3:00 pm, and you can have tasty, discounted food during these hours.

Image of a Live Band

Karman Bar in Laguna Niguel

How about a romantic movie date? Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas can take your movie date to the next level. You can feel comfortable watching your chosen movie here. With its recliners, footrests and full restaurant/bar services, this establishment offers luxury and comfort.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure your bookings and appointments are made early. You don’t want to fail, and we’re behind you. Do you have better ideas in mind? Tell us about your Valentine’s Day plans in Laguna Niguel.

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