Your Guide to Laguna Niguel
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Belle Maison

Belle Maison

Area: 0.096 square miles
Population: 406
Population density: 4,244 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $108,955
Why neighbors love Belle Maison: Clean, Peaceful, Friendly, Well maintained, Weather, Beautiful, Convenient, Dog-friendly, Safe, Quiet

Belle Maison, a neighborhood in Laguna Niguel, CA with an area of 0.096 square miles, a current population of 406, a population density of 4,244 people per square mile and a median household income in 2016: $108,955. If you’re lucky, you can own a home in this lovely neighborhood.

The first homes in the Belle Maison community are built in 1987. Now, the town boasts of beautiful Spanish and Mediterranean-designed dwellings. Most houses here have vaulted ceilings, panoramic city views, and pool area.

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