Your Guide to Laguna Niguel
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Crown Valley Highlands

Crown Valley Highlands

Area: 1.786 square miles
Population: 5,596
Population density: 3,134 people per square mile
Why neighbors love Crown Valley Highlands:
Peaceful, Quiet, Neighbors, Friendly, Family friendly, Walkability, Dog-friendly, Hills, Beautiful, Safe

Crown Valley Highlands, a neighborhood in Laguna Niguel, CA with an area of 1.786 square miles, a population: 5,596 and a population density of 3,134 people per square mile. This lovely neighborhood is called home to many people as it’s accessible to many establishments and schools.

It’s one of the first neighborhoods in Laguna Niguel being developed in late 1960’s. The area has three small tracts: Crown Valley Highlands I, Crown Valley Highlands II, and Crown Valley Highlands III. It’s under a small homeowner’s association with cheaper monthly dues compared to other communities.

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