Laguna Niguel

Your Guide to Laguna Niguel

Area: 0.145 square miles
Population: 376
Population density: 2,590 people per square mile
Median household income in 2016: $77,044

Pacific Island Village is a hilltop community located in Laguna Niguel. This peaceful neighborhood offers panoramic views of nature. The place was developed in 1964. Currently, there are about 115 housing units in the area. This village has a clubhouse and pool where most people enjoy. It’s divided into three sub-communities: Pacific Island Village I, Pacific Island Village II, and Pacific Island Village III.

Pacific Island Village I features single level homes with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. This community is located at the bottom of the hill.

Pacific Island Village II is right at the edge of the ridge that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. You can find homes here built between 1965 and 1969. Homes that have a lovely ocean and Laguna Niguel valley views have higher prices.

Pacific Island Village III also have one story houses. This community lies in the highest point among the other neighborhoods. Catch beautiful ocean and city light views if you live here.

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