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Pizza Lounge


29971 Alicia Pkwy Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

If you fancy a good after work hangout which isn’t crowded and noisy, check out the Pizza Lounge. This hidden gem in Laguna Niguel is just next to a grocery store. Nightlife can be relaxing and fun as they have live music playing in the background.

This casual and comfy place doesn’t only give you good vibes. Their good food and delicious pizzas can also give you a good feeding frenzy. Skilled chefs use the freshest ingredients for their pizzas and other tasty dishes. Get a taste of their tasty salads and baked brie & fig flatbread.

You’ll be amazed at their fantastic cocktail and beer selection. Plus, the best bartenders in town are here and are always up to serve you better. the same old places.

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