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Reasons to Settle Down in Laguna Niguel

Reasons to Settle Down in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel has expansive rolling hills, saturated with suburban homes. The winding parks and large shopping centers show how this city is a combination of relaxed and suburban lifestyle. Apart from all these impressions, there are more reasons to settle down in Laguna Niguel than you can imagine.

The things to consider in choosing your next home are crucial. These qualities may give light to your getting-to-know stage for Laguna Niguel.

Growing population means growing opportunities.

Laguna Niguel maintains a steady population growth over the years except on a slight change on 2015. This city has been a home for 65,000 residents as of 2018. The number might not be as significant as the famous California metropolitans, but remember the advantages of a subtle increase in the population of a city.

There will be enough community resources for the people. With enough resources come to enough funding for various infrastructures. The fresh air of suburban lifestyle is maintained by enough number of people in this community.

Steady job growth

Laguna Niguel has a steady pace for its job growth over the recent years. This city has 2.70% of unemployment as of March 2018. This is the 9th lowest rate in California.

Future job growth may be expected to reach 40.50% for the next ten years. The poverty rate at 7% in Laguna Niguel remains one of its significant proof how this place is a home for economic growth. If your top-most priority in looking for new home is professional growth, this community is a perfect place to consider.

Mild climate

Laguna Niguel has a temperate climate. The rainless days has perceived temperatures between 65°F and 80°F. This weather is when locals and visitors get to enjoy the beauty of outdoor activities from mid-June to mid-October.

Locals and visitors may enjoy the hot temperature (75°F-90°F) in Laguna Niguel from mid July to mid September. Beach or pool activities is favorable on clear and rainless days.

The mild weather in Laguna Niguel serves people best with enough variance of experience for all four seasons.

An abundance of parks

Laguna Niguel might be far from the 343 parks in Atlanta or the , but this city has enough for its locals. With about 30 parks, the people can enjoy nature or sports with the various types of parks in the city. One of its famous parks in Laguna Niguel is the Clipper Cove. It has 4.7 acres of facilities that perfect for a day for picnic and sports.

A steady growth rate of median home rate

The most recent data of Zillow as of April 2018 says that Laguna Niguel has a median home value of $851,800. The costs went up to 6.9% over the last year. Predictions say the rate will continue to rise for the years to come.

While Laguna Niguel belongs to the cities with the highest median price in the area, it entails many advantages to the residents. People live in these types of cities are aware of the entrepreneurial and steady job opportunities the place offers. Those who have moved into Laguna Niguel love the place and stay!

Low crime rate

Annual crime data indicates that Laguna Niguel has 59% lower crime rate than the whole of California. The national average is far from Laguna Niguel since the city has 57% lower crime rate than the national average.

Other than the finer things in life, safety is one of the essential factors in choosing your next place to live.

Foodie culture

As some people choose a city to settle in based on job opportunities, other people decide based on fun and excitement. What’s more exciting than a place with rich food culture? It might not be the biggest factor, but it’s an important factor.

Laguna Niguel has diverse cuisines to offer with its various restaurants. From Asian, American, Mediterranean, Italian and many more kinds of tastes from all over the world. This city is up for them. Have a bite of different cuisines at the comfort of this suburban community.

Great for budding professionals

Laguna Niguel has a median age of 44. This rate is 22% higher than the average median rate of 36.

What does this mean? The higher the median age of a city may indicate that there may more of older who are willing to develop the skills of the younger generation. This situation may say that the town can uphold morals and values relevant to the place since the aging population have experienced life. They may be more familiar with the culture than their younger counterpart, making them necessary to instill a way of life helpful to longevity.

When choosing a potential place to call home, it’s essential to consider work opportunities. Crime rates and the climate are also relevant things to consider. The reasons to settle down in Laguna Niguel are some of the many experiences you may look forward. Once you buy a house in this city and finally call it home, that’s when you may fall in love when the suburban charm this town offers.

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