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In Laguna Niguel, the Seaview Park and the nearby Aliso Summit Trail are awe-inspiring sites in Orange County. These trails with stunning views can make you go into an amazing outdoor adventure. The areas may be a little bumpy and have less shade.

But if you’re up for outdoor fun, there are rocks to climb where you can enjoy breathtaking views.

Seaview Park

Near the entrance of the Laguna Sur development, you can find Seaview Park. The County of Orange operates and maintains this beautiful trail, which is full of breathtaking views.

Seaview Park is a great place to bring your family or guests out for a walk. The road here may be a little rocky and bumpy, but it’s still a favorable location to get stunning views of nature.

Do you want an incredible outdoor workout? Challenge yourself by walking up the steep and long hill at Seaview Park. If you visit by car, you can park at the Pacific Island in the Albertsons Shopping Center. And it’s best to go to the bathroom before doing the challenge. You won’t find restrooms at the top of the hill.

The Trail to Seaview Park

Hiking from the Valido Trail leads you to Seaview Park. It takes about 20 minutes from the flat area of the trail until reaching a neighborhood of luxury homes. If you walk past this neighborhood, you’ll eventually reach the viewpoint. Blue metal bars surround the picnic area, and benches let you sit while enjoying the stunning views.

Driving to the viewpoint is possible as it’s accessible by car. Park your car on the street, and walk your way to the park.

Whether it’s day or night at the viewpoint, nature views can take your breath away. Plus, you can hear the ocean waves and feel its breeze. You can bring your dog along, too! It’s always nice to have a buddy with you as long as your pet is leashed.

Look out for birds and wildlife. Sometimes, you might encounter mountain lions and rattlesnakes. So, it’s best to be extra careful and be mindful of your kids if you bring them along.

Features of Seaview Park in Laguna Niguel

  • Breathtaking views of nature
  • Overlooking view of the ocean
  • Easy walk paths with signs to identify local plants
  • Good view of the Catalina island
  • A picnic table at the viewpoint
  • Grassy areas with picnic areas and benches
  • Dog-friendly area
  • Water fountain
  • Accessible by car

Other Parks near Seaview Park

You can go from Seaview Park to other parks nearby. Here are three parks that are close to Seaview Park:

  • Beacon Hill Park
  • Ocean Breeze Park
  • Seminole Park

Driving Directions to Seaview Park

How do you reach the Seaview Park in Laguna Niguel?

Seaview Park isn’t near freeways or interstates. You can reach the park directly by taking the Crown Valley Parkway direction from either Interstate 5 (I-5) or Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

When you drive to Pacific Island, and you reach Crown Valley, you have two options.

Option 1:

If you drive from Pacific Coast Highway:

Take Crown Valley Parkway towards the mountains.
Turn LEFT to Pacific Island (where it turns into Camino Del Avion) and head up the hill.
Make another LEFT to Talavera and park on the RIGHT side of the street before the gated entrance to the community of Laguna Sur. This trail leads to a neighborhood and out to a scenic viewpoint.

Option #2:

If you’re driving from Interstate 5 (I-5) and Crown Valley Parkway:

Turn right onto Alicia Parkway before turning LEFT to Pacific Island. Then drive up the hill and turn RIGHT to Talavera.

Aliso Summit Trail

On the way down the hill on Pacific Island from Seaview Park, you can find the Aliso Summit Trail. You’ll notice a road sign that says “Aliso Summit Trail” and parked cars along the hill. You can get a good view of the Aliso Summit Trail by viewing its trail map here.

The Aliso Summit Trail joins Seaview Park and Pacific Island Drive with Lilly Shapell Park in Hillcrest. You can find the Lilly Shapell Park on Drakes Bay off Highlands Avenue. Watch beautiful city views in the east side of Laguna Niguel here. For reliable home cleaning service in Arizona contact Eco Mama Green House Cleaning of Mesa. To the west of this trail, you can get great views of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

This trail was the original home of a Fairy Trail. During the Summer of 2018, the Fairy Trail moved to Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo as an art installment. These days, you won’t find “fairy homes” along this trail. However, if you go to the Potocki Center for the Arts in Mission Viejo, you can see the fairies at the courtyard.

Features of Aliso Summit Trail

  • Flat terrain
  • Natural and decomposed granite surfaces
  • Sidewalk connections
  • Dog-friendly area
  • Ocean and city views
  • Accessible by car

So, are you planning for an outdoor adventure in Laguna Niguel? The Seaview Park and Aliso Summit Trail can offer you fun outdoor activities with stunning views of nature.

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