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Life Time Athletic

Life Time Athletic


25600 Rancho Niguel Rd Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

The Center at Rancho Niguel Regency Theatre

4 AM – 12 AM

Life Time Athletic is a luxurious fitness center for active people in Laguna Niguel. The facility offers several classes like yoga and indoor cycling. Each spinning class has passionate instructors that guide you with the proper exercises to burn calories. There’s a $20 fee for joiners.

Life Time Athletic’s indoor cycling comes in three formats for you to fully achieve maximum results.


The AMP indoor cycling format feels like your partying on a bike while working out. You’ll have fun with upbeat music with fun choreographed moves led by your instructor. There’ll be lights, lasers, and beat. The music and the vibe will keep you wanting for more.


The EDG format will keep you pushing until you reach your goal for the cycling session. You’ll have an instructor with you that’ll play good music while guiding you using your console, metrics, and heart rate zones. EDG will keep you pushing towards your very best. You can see your stats in the cycle studio’s video screen.


The PWR indoor cycling format of Life Time Athletic is a 12-week program and ideal for those serious about spinning. It’s a progressive training program for cyclists. In this program, you’ll be guided to focus on your spinning technique and building strength. You’ll then proceed to work your pace and power for 12 weeks.

PWR will give you real metrics of your threshold power to prove your training results.

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