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Your Guide to Laguna Niguel

Here goes Valentine’s Day again. Whether you’re a romantic person or not, there’s no excuse in not feeling the heat of this season. As love clouds the air again, lovers start planning what goes on during February 14th. Some couples opt to stay at home, while others decide to go out and explore. A number of couples don’t plan anything at all. While there’s no right and wrong way to express affection, a little goes a long way when it comes to love.

If you’re planning on surprising your loved one with a well-planned mini-vacation in SoCal, you’re on the right track. This region boasts year-round tourist attractions. From beaches to its vibrant local scene, you’ve got things to enjoy here.

This love month, try going south and visit the most romantic Valentine’s day destinations in Laguna Niguel. Below are the choices for you:

The city’s best romantic restaurants

Talk about a city that boasts restaurants that offer the different tastes of the globe, and you’ve got Laguna Niguel. This Valentine’s season, look up some of the city’s best romantic restaurants. You’ll never run out of choices. Whether you’re up for fine dining experience or you prefer the casual ones, you’ve got choices here. One of the most familiar places would be Hendrix Restaurant & Bar.

This restaurant conveniently sits at the heart of the city. It offers its Valentine’s Day menu for only $69 per person. Check out their menu online and see if it fits you.

Another restaurant you can visit in Laguna Niguel is called Tastes of Greece. This place is typically open from Mondays to Saturdays. On heart’s day, it especially welcomes couples with its special menu. It’s a restaurant that’s known for its exquisite tastes and professional service. Enjoy a night of catching up with your loved one as you dine in one of the best food destinations in Laguna Niguel.

Breathtaking Peaks of Laguna Niguel

Experience healthy breathlessness with your loved one as you reach the peak of Laguna Niguel’s hiking trails. This city has some of the most challenging and captivating trails and views in the region. One of its notable views can be enjoyed at the Top of the World Laguna Niguel. It’s a famous trail in Laguna Beach, and you can reach it through various entryways.

You can drive through Talavera Drive and reach its foot. Its commanding views of the ocean attracts tourists from across the city. Don’t miss the chance of enjoying them with your loved one. This Valentine’s day, catch yourself falling in love all over again with nature as you travel hand in hand with your soulmate.

Laguna Niguel Lake

One of the most known features of Laguna Niguel is its lake. It’s a 44-acre lake that’s stocked with various types of fish. This Valentine’s season, you can keep it simple by enjoying this destination with your loved one. This lake sits within Laguna Niguel Regional Park. It has picnic areas fit for everyone who wants to enjoy basking under the sun. There are shelters, sinks, picnic tables, and barbecue stoves electrical outlets here. Call it cheesy, but this place witnessed lots of love stories too. Yours would be a good addition.

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