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Things to Do in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel is a suburban city in Southern California. The town takes pride in their safe and clean neighborhoods with friendly people ready to welcome visitors and new residents. It may seem like a suburban and residential town, but there are several things to do in Laguna Niguel. You can find whatever you and your family needs in Laguna Niguel.

Explore Laguna Niguel by doing all these recommended things to do while you’re in the city.

Enjoy Activities

(Swim, Play Sports, and More) at the Crown Valley Community Park)
Crown Valley Community Park serves as Laguna Niguel’s center of fun activities for everyone. Laguna Niguel visitors never fail to visit this park and try their numerous activities. Here are the areas of the park you should explore and create memories.


(Things to Do: Adult lap swim and spa; recreation swim)The Crown Valley Community pool invites everyone to distress through swimming. The daily ticket usually costs around $4. You can pay for an annual pass where proof of residency is required.


(Things to do: join concerts)

Concerts in Laguna Niguel are usually held at the Amphitheater in the Crown Valley community park. When summer comes, there are a series of free concerts every year except on the 4th of July. You can enjoy great music and great food under the stars with your loved ones.


(Things to do: take pictures, check the labyrinth, and appreciate the beauty of nature)

Dubbed as the park’s best kept, Niguel Botanical Preserve holds am 18-acre of nature’s beauty. There are over 200 plant species in the garden with 4 miles of walking trails. You may bring your pets here, but you must keep them on a leash and clean after them. Some events related to nature are held here like the Earth Day where people participate in tree planting and other activities.

At the top of the Preserve is the Laguna Niguel Labyrinth. The labyrinth is made up of carefully connected concentric lines. It has an elliptical shape. In the center, you can find a multicolor brick mosaic forming a Bougainvillea, the official Laguna Niguel flower.


(Things to do: have fun under spraying water equipment!)

The Sprayground may not be open always to the public, but when it does, it’ll bring joy to kids! This year, the facility is closed until 28th of May except April 2-8 where it’ll be open for a week for spring break.

This splash pad area has 20 play elements with different, dynamic experiences. Some play elements may spray, cascade, squirt, or spray water to its visitors.

Enjoy a Sunny Day at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Things to do: fishing, picnic at the picnic shelters, or take a stroll in the hiking trails


Fishing at Laguna Niguel Regional Park is exciting as you can several kinds of fishes. The 44-acre lake is usually stocked with bass and catfish. You can catch trout in winter. An adult aging 16 years old and older will need a fishing license to fish in the area.


Go on a picnic with your family and friends here at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The park is complete with facilities you’ll need for your picnic day. They have picnic tables with shelters, electric barbecue stoves outlet, and sinks. You can reserve an area at the park office.


The park has volleyball courts and tennis courts open for everyone. There are two sand courts for volleyball lovers and four tennis courts with lights for tennis lovers.


Here are other things you can enjoy at the Laguna Niguel Regional Park:

  • Kite Hill – a hill with excellent weather conditions for remote control glider operations.
  • Bike Trails
  • Playground
  • Horseshoe Pits
  • Two-mile Jogging Trail

Visit Skateboard and Soccer Park

Things to do: skateboarding and play soccer

Skateboard and soccer lovers often come to Laguna Niguel’s Skateboard and Soccer Park. You can enjoy the 20,000 square foot skateboard rink or kick some balls in the soccer field with synthetic grass.


The skateboard park has different areas for different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. To skate, you must complete a liability waiver. A user under 18 years old may have his liability waiver completed by his parent or guardian.


The soccer field in this park features synthetic grass made of polypropylene fibers and crumb rubber. The area is ready even after rain as it is yielding and non-abrasive.

Hike and Bike!

Laguna Niguel has biking and hiking trails complete with panoramic views of nature and the city. Hike and bike in either of these beautiful trails in Laguna Niguel:

  • Aliso Summit Trail
  • Cominas Bluff Trail
  • Laguna Ridge Trail
  • Long View Park Trail
  • Niguel Trail
  • Oso Creek Trail
  • Salt Creek Trail

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