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Top Things to do with Kids in Laguna Niguel

Top Things to do with Kids in Laguna Niguel

The city of Laguna Niguel is California’s first master-planned community. Laguna Niguel is mostly comprised of residential and home to the workers from the north and center of Orange County. The city is also reputable for its low crime rate, beautiful coastal climate, and relaxing surroundings that are plentiful in public trails and parks.

So, it’s safe to assume that there are a lot of fun things that you can do while you’re in Laguna Niguel. Well, it’s mostly fun, then kids come along. We’re not saying that kids are a nuisance. No, we’ll be clear on that matter.

However, it’d be a great deal of a matter if two parties can’t disagree on where to go. These two parties comprise the adults and children. So both parties have to meet halfway. Does give you pain, right?

Good thing that there are plenty of places and things to do with kids in Laguna Niguel. Of course, going through them can be a growing pain, so we took the liberty of writing some the best things to in Laguna Niguel with your kids. So here are some of the top things to do with kids in Laguna Niguel.

1. Visit Parks

There are plenty of parks to go in Laguna Niguel. Recreational parks can eventually enhance your kids’ social and interpersonal skills. While they’re learning those skills, they can also appreciate the value of nature along the way. So here are some parks in Laguna Niguel you can visit with your kids.

Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Take your kids to this acre of land and take them out on a fishing trip in its nearby lake. Maybe they’ll have a chance to catch some catfish, bass or bluegill or trout. This activity teaches kids patience and how to love nature.

Hidden Hills Park

Take your kids on a picnic date, which is entirely a great way to enhance the social and interpersonal skills of your child. At Hidden Hills Park is a great playground. The park has a small basketball court and lots of grass for picnics. You can watch your kids under the shades of the trees and allow them to enjoy their childhood. Street parking always available.

Niguel Botanical Preserve

Let your kids be one with the wilderness and allow them to be one with nature. The Niguel Botanical Preserve has amenities such as soccer and baseball fields, a playground, an outdoor amphitheater, a YMCA, bike paths, a community pool, and a natural creek. Spring is the best time to visit the preserve, as it’s the season where flowers and other plant species come into bloom.

Laguna Niguel Skatepark

Be one of those ‘stereotypical’ and ‘cool’ parents who teach their kids how to skate. Give your kids a chance of a wonderful childhood by teaching them how to balance on the board and skate. Once they know how to do it, surfing will be an easier feat to master next.

2. Go hiking

Teach your kids that there are rewards to perseverance even at a young age. Climbing and trekking maybe a hard task for little children but it’ll teach them something. This principle doesn’t only include the children but the parents as well. Here are some hiking trails you can go with your kids.

Dripping Cave

Also known as ‘Robbers Cave,’ this trail is the ideal and most interactive hike they can get. Various creek crossings and informational displays spread throughout the path. This would keep your kids engaged. There are 28 other named trails, so there’s a lot more to explore. You may also have the chance to encounter a deer and other species endemic to California.

Colinas Bluff Trail

A paved trail ideal for a short little walk. While along the trail you’ll get the chance to see the impressive lights from the 5 freeway along with parts of San Juan and Laguna housing, that’s if you’re walking during night time. You can visit during the winter and spring.

3. Visit the Farmers’ Market

Teach your kids on how to appreciate farm to table foods. At the Farmers’ Market, your kids can learn a valuable lesson on appreciating real food. This activity can steer them away from fast food and may lead them to eat healthier. Plus, they can learn to appreciate hard work and compassion from an early age. It’s like hitting many birds with one stone.

4. Take your to karate classes

Karate classes aren’t for violence purposes, but this is for self-defense and improving the overall health of your child. You’re not raising a violent child, so don’t worry. Karate or self-defense classes teach children discipline, sportsmanship, and respect. An excellent core value for children to go by in growing up.

5. Visit Nearby Places

There are plenty of nearby cities that you can visit with your kids. Dana Point to being the nearest city to Laguna Niguel. There are tons of activities to choose from. You can visit the beach, go on whale watching, fishing and a whole lot more.

So those were the top things to do with kids in Laguna Niguel. As parents, it’ll always be a part of us to teach our kids the core values in little things. It’ll always start with activities that you can do every day. Be it the small to large things. It’s important to teach our children to appreciate nature more, be compassionate and have fun while doing so.

Can you imagine a world where our children are more appreciative, compassionate, disciplined and respectful? It isn’t an impossible feat. We have to teach them right. By doing these top things to with kids in Laguna Niguel is a good start.

Allow your children to enjoy the best things in life through the places to visit in Laguna Niguel. You’re not just entertaining your kids, you’re also raising them to become better people at that. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Laguna Niguel with your kids and have a fun and educational experience.

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