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What you should do during spring break in Laguna Niguel.

Spring break is just around the corner and everyone’s up and about for outdoor activities that they can join. In Laguna Niguel, various activities are organized by the people in the city especially to the youth and teens in the community.

One of the activities being organized is the City’s Earth Day Celebration. In this event, the youth and teenagers gather together to volunteer in cleaning and preserving nature. The Niguel Botanical Preserve is one of their priorities in this activity.

Another program being arranged by the Youth Committee during spring break is the annual Music & Arts Festival. Selected bands from various middle school and high school institutions perform in the amphitheater at the Crown Valley Park.

An interesting event that can benefit the youth of the city is the annual High School Job & College Fair. This event is arranged by colleges and employers to give high school students the opportunity to acquire seasonal employment.

So, what’s your plan this spring break? Participate in one of these activities and make yourself active and productive.

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